Time to reflect

I have now after nearly 7 years in China - operating in Chinese football - returned for a holiday period in Denmark.

My contract is due to expire shortly with Shanghai SIPG F.C. and therefore it’s a period of transition (moving) and thinking.

I have talked to some clubs already and had a few offers, but I believe as human we often move to quickly from one job into a new project forgetting to reflect and evaluate the past.

Therefore, I’m quite keen on having a period of reflection before making a decision on where to go and what to do next. I believe it will not only make my final decision better, but also mentally and physically help my body and mind to rebuild and bring back the energy.

As a leader I have the last years every week had 30 minutes booked in my calendar named “Self-reflection”. In this period I shut down my computer, phone, etc. and find a peaceful and quiet place. And then simply start to reflect on my leadership.

It can be specific with cases from the past week and in a more inspirational way through articles or conversations with other leaders on how to develop as a leader or how to create a better environment for the employees.

Now, I don’t just have 30 minutes to do it, but several months to evaluate nearly 7 years of work and learning abroad. It’s time to reflect.