Club Advisory - Do you want to be a stone cutter or build cathedrals?

We help clubs succeeding in bringing the strategy from the offices to the training pitch and create sustainable clubs. We create a sustainable road to success.

The sustainable road to success

Bringing the club strategy all the way from the offices to the training pitch is a difficult step. The way many football clubs are run today is very unsustainable.

Clubs happily give the club keys to a person (the head coach) who they will probably kick out again if they loose a few games.

As a professional football club you must secure the future - not just secure a win next Sunday.

Also, the administrative and sporting departments in a club are often divided, and normally the sporting management and technical staff working with the team and players are not very familiar with the overall business visions set out in the board room.

That is one reason why many clubs experience a lack of transparency and an unsuccessful implementation of the strategy in the different corners of the club.

That’s why we have created “THE SUSTAINABLE MODEL”.

Optima Football Sustainable Model

With the help of Optima Football, the model lets a club convert its overall vision and strategy into a style of play, a training methodology, a recruitment strategy, and an academy master plan.

Only after completing this process, hiring a head coach and looking at transfers become relevant.

It’s the long - but also long-lasting - road to success.

75% of all clubs are strategically unhealthy. This Optima Football analysis showed us the need to update the current club model used around the world.

There is a design error in the way the football industry works today. Since the professionalisation of the game, football has worshipped the head coach as the apex of the pyramid at a club.

Clubs must focus first and foremost on the longer-term processes, performances, and finding the solutions in “where” and “how”.

Club ownership and management should develop a purpose, based on the landscape, to be explored and competed in (country, league, level, culture).

Where should the club attack from, based on its own merits? And not least, define KPIs to assess performance continuously rather than staring blindly at results.

It is “movement” and the ongoing performance that over time will solve the “purpose”… winning. Not the other way around.

This requires visionary leadership, a balanced budget, a long-term football strategy, and the right people to implement and execute the plan over time.

And therefore, we have designed and developed The Sustainable Model which can inspire and guide clubs to work strategically and more long-term driven.

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