Our Why

We wish to give something back to this amazing game by designing a new club model in a more sustainable way.

Football can do so much better and we feel obligated to try to help making a difference. Our passion is to share knowledge and experience with the aim to help clubs making better decisions over time.

Our heart is ‘The Sustainable Model’, which differs from the current approaches of many clubs, as in the latter, the club itself owns, builds, and implements the football strategy, and based on their plan, chooses a head coach appropriate to the vision and football strategy to implement it; not decide upon or change it.

The Sustainable Model, however, is characterised by a holistic mindset based on the club’s history, self-understanding, culture, surroundings, and the environment in which it exists, and it is a tool for enabling clubs to build a strategy, implement a structure, and create sustainability over time.

The theory behind the model includes “The Three Pillar Framework” by W. Richard Scott (2014) as well as the ATDE model by Kristoffer Henriksen (2011).”

Optima Football Sustainable Model