‘How hard can it be’? - case of Spurs

In our (w/Dan Hammer) football strategic book ‘How hard can it be’? (FYI: still only available in Danish - English version in the making) we use Tottenham as a case of a club that choose a certain head coach / certain style of play not reflecting their club history, identity, DNA or origin.

We therefore questioned whether Spurs had changed their entire football strategy. Today, that head coach was sacked as of being wrongly recruited in the first place as we addressed in our book:

- The authors are unclear whether Tottenham Hotspur are in the middle of a significant change of direction in terms of their playing philosophy. The transfer strategy may have changed as well.

- The complexity in football doesn’t allow you to suddenly make a strategic U-turn in order to win a short-term title,” the authors say, if the hiring of Mourinho was solely a matter of winning something within a short period of time.

- Daniel Levy has a reputation as a very successful and focused chairman with a long-term mindset, so the book’s authors are surprised if he is deliberately changing the playing fundamentals at the club.

- According to the authors, clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur need to realise that they cannot continue to outperform competitors who are spending significantly more money on transfers and wages.
Read the full Tottenham-analysis in the link below at media Offthepitch: