Promising start for Optima Football

It is always difficult to disrupt an industry changing old habits and challenging well-established business cultures.

But Optima Football has the ambition to do so. And Optima Football has already begun to lift the football industry on a strategic level.

We are currently helping an international FA (football association) to lift their environment improving the domestic players - to achieve better results over time.

Also, we are currently assisting a European club in the 2019 January transfer window to scan and find the most suitable players, as well as to connect the recruitment process to the vision, philosophy and style of play of the club.

Official announcements for these cooperation will be made later on.

About Optima Football

We take the visions from the boardroom and implement them in the club, all the way to the training ground. Hand in hand with the sports director, technical director, manager, etc.

Our concept brings club strategies to life and makes the road to long-lasting success transparent and obtainable for the whole club.