New Advisory-roles

I have in the recent period had several talks and offers from interesting projects around the World, and I’m pleased to announce two new advisory-roles. Both roles are not to be considered as a full time job, but compared being a board member in a company in the World of business, for example.

Firstly, I have joined a very interesting project in Africa at the NGO “El Cambio Academy” who is trying to develop football and life for kids in Uganda. I will join the academy as a Technical Advisor and help mainly with their recruitment and environment strategies.

See a short video introduction from El Cambio Academy:

Secondly, the big international data company, KMD, has started a project on implementing more intelligent data in football. And they have asked me to join as well as a Technical Advisor to help make football more professional outside the pitch too.

Read more about my partnership with KMD: