11 years abroad in a complex World

2012-2023: The end of an era

How to comprehend 11 years abroad across various countries, cultures, roles, life changing moments, expanding network and personal development? What a ride! As a family we have loved this way of living learning about the world developing an individual career leading to unique experiences.

The international urban vibe in Shanghai, the tropical climate and more ‘wild living’ in Guangzhou, the hectic and busy life across China. A China turned upside down when Xi Jinping came along. So many helpful and humble people with proud family traditions taking good care of the elderly. From north to south to east to west. From noodles to sweets to spicy to sour. China offers so many flavors and diversity.

The amazing time in west London with daily walks in Hyde Park, while Brexit was the hot topic, international network, interesting discussions and being in the ‘center of football’. Sunday Roast and Premier League in the weekends.

The relaxed Spanish life style, the 300 sunny days a year, the beach being our garden, the morning coffee view The Mediterranean Sea. The mountains just around the other corner. The barren landscape.

The Middle Eastern culture, conservatism, desert, a young country, extreme weather, sandstorms. Lebanese salads and late afternoon walks in 45 degrees while the mosques started to ‘sing’. A feeling difficult to explain. Religion as a central part of living and understanding the world.

I feel rich in experiences!

And I’m privileged to continue my career across the world together with Right To Dream. Read more here.

I think my humble advise would be: Do it! Go ahead. Explore. Lean. Grow. Keep an open mindset and be curious. The world is a very complex place. Don’t judge others. Try to understand others with their perspective at eye. We can all learn from each other if we bring the right mindset when exploring.

Step by step learning and understanding bits and parts of the world’s complexity…