Wu Lei - a hot prospect

In this CSL season I have watched 4 LIVE games + seen almost every game at my tv or at my computer. I am building up a shortlist of interesting players and talents, so I in time will have a solid database and knowledge about the teams, players, and development out here.

I am still sure that Chinese football is just about to move ahead, so in 5-10 years - everybody’s eyes is in China. Therefore it is a good thing to be first mover and it’s in my football DNA to keep myself updated and sharp on news, details, matches, and players.

One player is on my mind right now:

Wu Lei - from the promoted club Shanghai East Asia, who beat Danish side FC Copenhagen 3-1 in a friendly in January. Right Winger: Extremely fast, good 1vs1 offense, very good timing in the deep runs, solid combination player, secure short passes, solid first touch, can play right winger in a 4-3-3 system, but also in 4-4-2, because he is discplined and hard working in defense as well.

Very good assist player, but can also score goals. Only 21 years old, so he can really go far if the get’s the right career step by step.