WEF: Danes open football academy in Shanghai

The famous website writting about Chinese football, wildeastfootball.net has done an interview with me, where I tell about our academy, aims and philosophy.

»I have great respect for the culture and Chinese society here, and I know that I can help the Chinese players to not only become better players but also become better students at the same time, this is where we can convince the parents. At Brondby we had players performing better at the pitch, whilst they were serious with their school and education, so we know it’s a win-win situation. And with a focus on team work, discipline, respect for others and learning to take responsibility, the academy aims to provide the players with attributes that can be used on as well as off the football field. And we also welcome expats as well. I think a cultural mix is perfect for a team, says Academy Director Mads Davidsen to Wildeastfootball«.

Read the entire article here - https://wildeastfootball.net/2012/10/danish-legend-brings-new-football-academy-to-shanghai/