UEFA PRO assignment: How important is the feedback culture?

I have just finished my UEFA PRO coaching license major assignment. A big step towards getting my license later this year and I’m quite satisfied with the assignment. Due to (c) and a plan to do more studies in this field, I can’t upload the entire assignment as we speak, but down below is a short brief of from the executive summary:

The purpose of this assignment was through a mini field study in three professional football clubs to find out how the feedback culture are in the World of football. Our hypothesis before this study was that football clubs in general don’t work structured enough and with enough knowledge to gain the maximum effort and performance from the squad as some important players might be mistreated and tried motivated - using the wrong tools.

My partner in this study is Helle Hedegaard Hein – a respected Danish researcher in motivation and feedback. Through Helle’s former work – we were able to increase our main focus – the prima donna employee (player) – as we believe this type of person is the most mistreated and often misunderstood in a group.

Our results from this study are…