Danish coach with ambitions

I am interviewed about my job in Brondby IF and talks about the future as well.

»It is difficult to make a plan in football, but in two or three years, I want to work abroad. Almost no Danish coaches work abroad and I want to show that I have got the skills and know how to help clubs away from Denmark. I have a lot of confidence in myself, and I am looking to improve my skills 24-7. As we speak, I am not ready to be a senior head coach. I am only 29 years old and are still learning at youth level, so right now, that is my goal. But of course, I love Brondby. It will always be my club - and it would be a dream and a fantastic honour some day to take charge of Brondby IF.«, says Mads Davidsen to Total Football.

Read it all here - https://www.totalfootballmag.com/features/world-football/coaching-the-next-generation-of-great-danes/