Chinese dominance on transfers: The New Reality

The first month of the new year is always related to transfer news from all over the World as the regulated transfer window officially opens. But this January has been unusual as China has dominated the transfer market with massive signings taking top players from Europe and South America.

For me working in China for the last 4 years; I’m not surprised. I have from close hand seen the development step by step during my time here, but for the World of football; this is a wake up call. China is still not buying the best players in the World, but starting to grab starting-11 players from top sides in Europe + the best South Americans who normally would go to Europe, so this is a ‘New Reality’ for the World of football.

As the only Dane working professionally in Chinese football, I’ve been interviewed a lot by the media these weeks - and my target & aim has been to tell the true story with the details not always being seen or told in Europe. It’s important to understand the full story of what’s going on in China before making a judgement.

A few of the articles / radio shows can be found below (in Danish):!/