To be a Prima Donna

I am a prima donna with a slightly touch of being introverted. I found out some years ago when I met the Danish researcher and Ph.D. lecturer, Helle Hedegaard Hein. She wrote a great book about being a prima donna and how these types of human beings often are misunderstood.

It was a blessing for me to find out why people sometimes seem to misread me and my intentions. I’m a prima donna which means I work out of inside motivation. I basically have to love what I do to make a great dedication in my work. I also work for a ‘bigger case’ than myself. If I can lift the team - that’s my biggest achievement. I always think of the big picture and try to aim for a higher achievement for everyone when I work - not for myself. And this is where the prima donna-type often is misunderstood.

People seem to think we are selfish and only work to promote and brand ourselves. It’s the exact opposite. I get the best kick when I help lift others and can see the entire situation / club move forward. This is the situations where I go home and can’t sleep. I want to do it again and again. Not for myself, but for a greater cause.

To be alone - is not to be arrogant
I have a passion for development of others through myself. When I help lift others - they lift me. I have a long time passion for football as well. And a great interest in writing and discussing interesting topics. Therefore, I write a lot - especially at this website. Not for my own branding, but because I enjoy it, time disappears when I write, and to be even more sure on my own situation and motivation.

The interesting thing about writing and dissemination is that your reflection and thinking grows. Your learn a lot about yourself, your ideas, opinions and attitudes in life.

To be slightly introverted as a person is for me to enjoy my own company. I’m not antisocial, but I like to have time alone as well. I need to step away sometimes to think, reflect and get peace in my mind. I also enjoy good company in private or in a professional related situation. Always. I enjoy being around people with more knowledge and experience than myself. I like to listen more than I like to talk. That is also a part of being a prima donna. To search for the best possible development. I just do it in a quiet way, which for some people can make me look arrogant and selfish.

Now, I’m very aware of what signals, I sent out, because as a leader, I have to get the best out of all individuals. But I also have to be who I am, because in the end I will lose motivation and dedication if people don’t understand me and allow me to perform at my highest level.