Transfers Consultancy




Optima Football has a world wide network in terms of club decision makers, agents, and players as well as experiences in handling transfer windows and squad planning.

Therefore Optima Football can be hired as a transfer advisor during a transfer window to connect partners, advise on players or help connect to agents and relevant partners.

Don't gamble - plan ahead as a club

Today many clubs rely on their head coach to decide on transfers in and out. This I call "The Unhealthy Model".


Obviously, a head coach will influence a clubs transfers and can help developing the style of play, but a club should always bear in mind that a head coach is hired to fulfill your club strategy – not to change it.

Some thoughts before a transfer window

- What are we buying for? An immediately effect or a potential effect? (potential or performance)

- Find underestimated value (underestimated leagues and football countries)

- Prepare 2-3 years ahead (squad planning)

- Open new markets, continents and countries through Optima Football

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